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  • August 25, 2023

What Are The Benefits of XLR Connectors?

XLR connector all be known as Cannon connector. Cannon connector is the most widely used type of connector in professional audio systems, which can be used to transmit all kinds of audio signals in the audio system. 

In a sense, the use of cannon connectors is also one of the characteristics of professional sound systems different from civilian audio.

  • XLR interface structure

Unlike the RCA (Lotus head interface) Analog Audio cable that transmits sound directly, the Balanced Analog Audio interface uses two channels to transmit the same signal in opposite phases. The receiving device subtracts these two sets of signals, and the interference signal is cancelled out, thus obtaining a high-quality analog signal. This joint is composed of three contacts, respectively: Ground grounding; 2: hot end (+ level); 3: cold end (- level).


  • The principle of balanced output

In simple terms, the ordinary single-ended output is divided into left channel, right channel and ground three, while the balanced output is divided into left channel positive, left channel negative, right channel positive and right channel negative four, single-ended output because the left channel and right channel signals will flow to the same ground, so the left and right channel signals will interfere with each other, making the separation degree is not high enough. The balanced output because the signal of the left channel and the right channel does not need to go through the common ground wire, it also eliminates the drawbacks of the single-ended output and achieves a very good separation degree.

What Are The Benefits of XLR Connectors?

  • The advantages of balanced output

1. The improvement of the sound field. The popular point is that the single-end output sounds like a small KTV, but the balanced output sounds like a big theater/

2. the improvement of the driving force. Because the balanced output processes the signals of the left and right channels separately, the left and right units can be driven separately, making it easier to play the potential of the headset.

3.The improvement of dynamic and detail. The balanced output will output positive and negative signals in opposite phase at the same time, and the two signals will be reversed in the receiving end, so that the noise interference generated on the line before will be cancelled out, thereby improving the signal-to-noise ratio, then the dynamic performance of the sound and the amount of detail will naturally be improved.

What Are The Benefits of XLR Connectors?

  • The types and benefits of XLR interfaces

1. Variety

The cannon connector have male plug, female plug, male socket and female socket. The contact of the male insert is a pin, and the contact of the female insert is a jack. In accordance with international practice, the male plug or socket is used as the output end of the signal; The female plug and socket are used as the input end of the signal.

2. Benefits

(1) The balanced transmission method has strong resistance to external interference and is conducive to long-distance transmission (not more than 100 meters).

(2) With spring locking device, reliable connection, not easy to pull off.

(3) The connector specifies the signal flow direction to facilitate the prevention of errors on the connection.

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