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  • January 06, 2024

What is the difference between M8 and M12 connector?

M8, M12 connectors both are commonly used in sensors, actuators, switches, PLC, I/O boxes and other industrial components. However, what's the difference between them?

First, they are different in size.

Second, the threads of the two are different, the thread of the M12 connector is M12*1, and the thread of the M8 connector is M8*1.

Third, the core number of M8 is A code: 3, 4, 6, 8pin, B code 5pin and D code 8pin; M12 is available in A/B/C/D/X/S/T code, with cores ranging from 2-17pin.

Fourth, the M8 connector ADAPTS the cable to 26-24AWG, while the M12 ADAPTS the cable to 26-15AWG according to different key positions and core numbers.

What is the difference between M8 and M12 connector?

M8 connector and M12 connector the same: the connection between the two is the same, are screw connection (some models can be welded), their functionality is the same, can be selected according to demand elbow or straight head, with cable or without cable and so on.

The M8 is a general-purpose connector at the field level, but has so far only been used to transmit signals. The new M8D encoder features a robust metal housing containing continuous shielding, enabling it to provide 100Mbit/s fast Ethernet to the device. To avoid taking up more space with additional power interfaces, the M8 also features D-coded PoE, which can provide data and power to field participants at the same time.

The M8/M12 connectors are widely used in the fields of testing instruments, electronic instruments, electronic machinery, communications, aviation, navigation, computers, LED, automotive, construction machinery, petroleum exploration, transmission control systems, electrical and electrical systems, industrial automation etc.

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