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  • June 26, 2023

How to Choose A Suitable Connector?

The connector is one of the commonly used electronic components on and between various electronic and electrical equipment, which plays the role of transmitting power and signals.

When selecting a connector for a new project, engineers need to consider many factors, common points are:

1. The use environment of the connector: indoor or outdoor? High temperature, low temperature or room temperature? Is there water resistance, oil resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, bacteria resistance, UV resistance, shock resistance and other requirements? If need vibration resistance, we normally choose threaded connector.

2. The working current and voltage requirements of the connector. (e.g. High voltage or low voltage.)

3. Connector installation space, opening size, etc. Like M5/M8/M12/M14/M16 panel cuts out connector.

4. How many pins does the connector need?

From unipole to multipole, we have as much as 128pin connector.

5. How about the connector installation mode?

Such as rear panel mount/back panel mount connector, front panel mount connector; wire-to-wire connector, wire-to-board, board-to-board connectors.

6. Which connection mode will you need?

Like, soldering/welding, crimping, screw fixing, PCB connection, etc.

7. Do you need to prevent misplug?

For example, the M12 series connector is distinguished by A/B/C/D/X code for same pin number, so we can avoid mis-insertion.

8. What’s the lifespan of the connector do you need?

Some connectors have a life of 500 times, and some can be as high as 5000 times or more. If you need to plug and unplug the connector frequently, you should choose the connector with a longer mating cycle.

The performance requirements of the products used in the connector also determine the type of connector needs.For example, in consumer products, generally require small current, signal transmission connectors, small size, low price; In special fields such as medical equipment, the performance requirements for connectors are also more, so the price is higher. When choosing a connector, we need to consider many factors. 

If you do not know how to choose, provide your electrical performance, mechanical performance requirements to our customer service staff, Shenzhen BST Connection Electronics team will recommend the right connector solution for you.

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