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  • July 10, 2023

2mins to Know the Classification of Connectors

The connector we often say generally refers to the electrical connector, which is used to transmit current or signals. With the different application scenarios, frequency, and power, the form and structure of the connector are ever-changing. Understanding the classification of connectors helps us quickly find the connector that matches the needs of the product.

1. Divided by shape: circular connector, rectangular connector, bar connector, curved connector and D-type connector.

2. According to the use of the environment: sealed connector, anti-radiation connector, high temperature connector, low temperature connector, automatic fall off separation electrical connector, etc.

3. According to electrical requirements: ordinary connectors, heavy duty connectors, high voltage connectors, pulse connectors, low noise connectors, noise filter connectors, low frequency connectors, high frequency connectors, phase modulation connectors and precision coaxial connectors.

4. According to the structure, it is divided into: threaded connectors, straight connectors, pin connectors, push-pull connectors and bayonet connectors.

2mins to Know the Classification of Connectors

5. According to the termination form of the contact: crimping connector, welding connector, winding connector, sticker connector, etc. Note that this classification applies only to electrical connectors.

6. Divide by interconnection level:

According to the function of the internal and external connection of the electronic device, the electrical interconnection can be divided into five levels, namely the internal connection of the chip package, the connection of the IC package pin to the PCB, the connection of the printed circuit to the wire or printed board, the connection of the backboard to the backboard, and the connection of the device to the device

7. According to the purpose and use of the division: mobile phone connector, power connector, high voltage connector, automotive connector, aviation connector, high-speed signal connector, optical fiber connector, etc.

The above are the main connector classification methods. Connector classification is mainly for easy identification and management.

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