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75ohm 90 degree BNC Male to Male HD-SDI Camera Coaxial RG179 Cable

  • 75ohm BNC male to BNC male HD SDI Cable
  • Brass shell BNC connector, hight quality
  • Support 3G/6G/12G signal
  • RG179 or RG59 coaxial cable available

Core shielding material: pure copper silver plated

White insulation: polytetrafluoroethylene PTFE (high temperature)

Size: Line diameter 2.54mm

Impedance: 75 ohms

Frequency: 0-6Ghz

Advantages: RG179 silver-plated coaxial line, pure copper silver-plated conductor and pure copper silver-plated shield, with light weight, good flexibility, high temperature resistance, moisture resistance, corrosion resistance and other characteristics. Good shielding performance, low attenuation, good standing wave ratio. It is widely used in electronic equipment and military industry.

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