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IP67 Inductive Sensor NBB5-18GM60-I3

  • Embedded IP protection grade: IP67
  • installation type: install
  • length: 60 mm
  • size: 60 x 18 mm
  • supply voltage: 15-30 V dc
  • the reverse polarity protection: is
  • testing scope: 2-5 mm
  • connect end type: wire
  • thread sizes: M18 x
  • switching current 1:20 mA
  • Output type: analog
  • Shell material: nickel-plated brass
  • Body style: cylinder
  • Max. Dc voltage :30V
  • Min. Operating temperature :-10°C
  • Max. Operating temperature :+70°C

Analog output

Can sense all metals

Nickel plated brass housing, PBT sensing surface



Accurate linearity and high repeatability without recalibration

Linear output current proportional to the distance between target and sensor (with external 500Ω resistor for conversion in 0 to 10V range)

Operating temperature range: -10 to +70°C

Supply voltage 15 to 30V DC

No load current 8mA


Short circuit and polarity reverse protection

Sensing distance (mm)

Main thread low carbon steel copper aluminum stainless steel

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